The IREA-AII Franchise Network is certified by:

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IREA-AII Franchise Advantages

The IREA-AII has a vested interest in the success of every franchisee. To that end, ongoing support, training and resources are given to all franchise holders from day one of their franchise term.

Franchisee benefits include:

  • a fully operational website with all necessary features already in place, and already established on the web
  • regular updates to the service and improvements to the network’s software and hardware
  • a dedicated technical support team, and human resources experts to take care of all customer service
  • the possibility for growth in the rapidly expanding Internet marketing industry, without any previous Internet sales experience.

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What is the IREA-AII?

The International Real Estate Alliance – Alianza Inmobiliaria Internacional (IREA-AII) is the largest network of real estate advertising portals, with over 600 websites based all over the world. Each site is dedicated to a particular market and target audience, but is fully integrated with every other website on the network. This means that a client of any one portal is simultaneously advertising properties on 600 real estate websites. All of the websites are, or can be, franchised to independent operators.

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